Thursday, October 30, 2014

Rewriting Life's Story

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I got lost.

In waiting for that perfect moment, I came to a greater disadvantage. I lost track of TIME. I lost track of ME.

The person that is right here, right now – was not me.  I should know. I wasn’t the one who just let everything flow.  I was an achiever.  I had goals.  I had the passion.  The one that is right here? She’s nothing spectacular.  She’s just her.  Nothing special.

I have wandered.

But then, for every strayed soul, there is a path to HOME.  So instead, I’m picking up the rest of the way towards finding myself. The road to my dreams, my life, my purpose.

I started blogging about ten (10) years ago but up until now, I haven’t considered myself successful in the craft.  Writing was on and off.  It was, for me,  something else entirely.  The purpose isn’t clear, the ideas were vague.  There was no direction.

BUT today, I’m taking up courage to rewrite my life’s story.  I have to find that girl I used to be.  She is Simply RHEI yet everything a woman could be.

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Sunday, October 5, 2014

Writer's Workshop: Remembering Yesterday On A Hike

4.) Throwback time!  Share an old photo and tell us about it.

I was with my co-alumni friends from high school.  We went on a hike.  I believe that picture was taken at Mount Maculot in Batangas (Philippines), my second climb there.  That was I think 2007 or 2008.  I can't be sure though.  My memory's not good these times.


From high school, yes, but high school no more at the time.  We were way beyond from graduating secondary school, well, at least for most of us.  You see, we were a bunch of graduates from The Sisters of Mary School who have taken liking to mountaineering.  Though you can only see girls at the picture, we were quite a lot.  I'm not sure where the boys had been hiding at the time or why we decided on a girls-picture only but well, it was cute.  We call ourselves ASMSI Mountaineering Society then.


Mount Maculot is located in Cuenca, Batangas, Philippines.  It is a good start if one is planning to pursue mountaineering as more than a summer getaway.  It has shorter trail than most (at least through to the campsite) though a steep one.  From there, one can go to the rockies or the summit, or both.  Mount Maculot's summit is the second highest point in Batangas.   Mount Maculot offers spectacular views of the Taal Lake and even the Taal Volcano.


That's me at the very left wearing gray long sleeves, ponytailed.

I love looking at the picture:

  • To reminisce good times with friends who I knew after high school.  We were not classmates and very few of us actually met at the campus.  But there's a bond that connects us and makes us family.  (I'll share this part of my life in another entry, hopefully soon).

  • To remind myself that I also had fun during my younger years.  I experienced, explored and enjoyed what life has to offer.  That I had not really really wasted my youth.  That there are some things, some people, places I can look back to.  That, what I am now were because of what I was.

  • To, you know, just let me see my own self years before.  Just how slim and able I used to be.  How I can don on pretty little clothes without so much fretting about the fit.  I've grown so much bigger now.  Way.  It's difficult to even run a mile more so climb a mountain.  But this photo makes me remember that I can always go back to where I was, to what I was.
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Thursday, September 25, 2014

Writer's Workshop: Quotes I Like, Love & Live By

Mama’s Losin’ It

There are too many quotes that I love, which almost always depend on the situation, on my situation.  And I am sharing with you two quotes that I like, love and live by… current situation notwithstanding.

You can find it on top of my blog.  That is to remind me every time that home is where I am.

I had this notion of home as being a place where to go back to, see familiar faces and remember old times.  Well, yes it is true.  For some.  For most.

Having lived in different places, I am sometimes confused where home is.  Is it where I was born?  The place of my childhood?  My teenage years?  Or was it the place I return to at the end of a work day?

Home right now points to my hometown, where I grew up.  It is a place to go back to, see familiar faces and walk down memory lane.  But sometimes I find it lacking - merely because we do not have a house to return to… just like in the movies, where you go back to this old house, wooden and painted white, maybe with your grandma sitting on a rocking chair sleeping away afternoon.  Then because I only spent a few years there - never had this odd teenage bond with the children I grew up with I sometimes felt left out.  But it is home nevertheless.

The quote reminds me of the home in my heart.  That whatever I do, the choices I make, the challenges I undertake… the journey that is life, is my home.  However I make it = fun, bore, exciting, miserable, happy or ugly… depends on me.  The sunshine I let in, the comforts I make, the wonders I enjoy is the home that I live.  It is life's journey that define my home.  The home that my son will look back to.

Hmn… I think I got a little too emotional on my first quote, let's move on.

Here's my second quote, to which all I can say is indeed!

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Sunday, September 21, 2014

Why I Love Tea & I Think You Should Too

Tea is very different from coffee, in taste particularly.  Tea has a way to connect you with nature or even earth.  It taste like it.  Well, because it came from it.

I drink tea for so many reasons.

First is because according to studies, it is healthier than coffee and I personally believed that whatever came from nature (in its most natural state), is healthier than anything else.

Second is due to its varying tastes.  Sometimes of leaves, of barks and even flowers.  The aroma itself could take you anywhere… in a marsh, grassland or even in the middle of the forest.  If you bring your imagination with you when you drink tea, you'll know it is very possible. :)

Another reason hereto is my fascination with England and everything related to it.  English drink their afternoon tea (with chips of cookies, cakes perhaps or with nothing).  So I drink tea.  Because I love English ways.  I try to experience their culture.  In my own little way.

Those were my unlikely reasons but then I should perhaps indulge my readers by checking out reliable sources on the benefits of tea.

But before that, I would like to thank Emelyn (I linked on your FB since you don't have a blog :)) for the box of tea you gave me.  I sooo love it!

So here's our Tea's Benefits according to Today Health:

1. Tea contains antioxidants. Like the Rust-Oleum paint that keeps your outdoor furniture from rusting, tea's antioxidants protect your body from the ravages of aging and the effects of pollution.

2. Tea has less caffeine than coffee. Coffee usually has two to three times the caffeine of tea (unless you're a fan of Morning Thunder, which combines caffeine with mate, an herb that acts like caffeine in our body). An eight-ounce cup of coffee contains around 135 mg caffeine; tea contains only 30 to 40 mg per cup. If drinking coffee gives you the jitters, causes indigestion or headaches or interferes with sleep -- switch to tea.

3. Tea may reduce your risk of heart attack and stroke. Unwanted blood clots formed from cholesterol and blood platelets cause heart attack and stroke. Drinking tea may help keep your arteries smooth and clog-free, the same way a drain keeps your bathroom pipes clear. A 5.6-year study from the Netherlands found a 70 percent lower risk of fatal heart attack in people who drank at least two to three cups of black tea daily compared to non-tea drinkers.  Read more at Today for the complete article...

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Writer's Workshop: My Top Six Wattpad Read List

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Head on to Mama Kat's Writing Workshop to check out the upcoming prompts, and here are the choices:

1. Show us where you go for quiet.
2. Throwback time!  Share an old class photo of yourself.
3. List the top 6 books on your list to read next.
4. Write a blog post inspired by the word: travel.
5. Something funny your child said.

… and because my past week had been focused on books (well, except for Xzel's birthday celebration), I'm doing number 3.

Downloaded Wattpad in my mobile phone and got a little addicted to it.  Everytime I'm not engaged into something, my eyes automatically turn to my CP.  :)  I'm a reader and since I only buy books when really necessary (tight budget), I opt for screen-read.

There in my wattpad reading list, I've lined up books that are for teens.  Yes, for teens!  Magic, witchcrafts, gods and goddesses, young love mixed with a little history.  I'm so into these kinds these days.

So here's my 6 wattpad books to read:

  • Children of the May (Children of the May Book 1) by SJ Moore
  • Balin and Columbine (Children of the May Book 1.5) by SJ Moore
  • Ides of May (Children of the May Book 2) by SJ Moore

  • Mark of Athena (Heroes of Olympus Book 3) by Rick Riordan
  • The House of Hades (Heroes of Olympus Book 4) by Rick Riordan
  • The Blood of Olympus (Heroes of Olympus Book 5) by Rick Riordan

I only found out of the first three books via wattpad when I typed in search 'witches'.  While the last three, well, I've been wanting to finish Rick Riordan series and I'm done with the books prior to these.

There… I'm gonna start soon and I'm so excited about it (the teenager in me at least :)).

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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Kids On Money Matters

Just noticed that kids these days may be divided into two major groups when it comes to finance.  The first ones are those that earn their share, save and make money work for them.  The second ones are kids who felt entitled to it - those that think they should be given an allowance just by being born into this world.

My kid turned ten recently and I'm thinking of ways to educate him on financial matters.  I'm not really good at it myself but financial gurus abound online and beyond.  Besides, we can both work it out the same time.  It is a good way to bond.

I don't want him to feel deprived so I'm giving him what he needs.  Other times, his wants.  Not overboard as far as I am concerned.  But by giving him these, I am afraid he'd be in category two - those kids that felt entitled.  Of course we love our children and we as parents, especially mothers, feel that our precious kids are entitled to everything that they have… and more.  But I know you knew what I mean.  I hope.

As a mother, we raise our child become a good person, a good citizen.  Smart, wise and madiskarte.  We want everything that will make our kids be successful in their chosen field, and most importantly happy.  So we try to give them everything we can.  And each of us parents have our own take on it, our own way, our own diskarte.

Xzel celebrated his 10th birthday last Tuesday and as a gift, I opened him a savings account in the local (rural) bank.  Just a minimum amount to start with but by the looks of it, he was encourage to save.  He started setting aside money from his allowance a month ago.  I actually tried to enforce this habit since he started schooling but always has been a work in progress.  Last year I stopped, letting him spend his money the way he want it praying he'll want to set aside some and save.   But I realized he needs monitoring so I did, and with that bankbook in his drawer for him to see everyday, I'd say things are working out well.

He now saves from his allowance, which is Php5.00 daily (he doesn’t actually need cash because he brings baon to school and I pay for his transpo (padyak) at lunchtime but I'm letting him have a feel of it thus the five peso coin.  Aside from that, he brings packs of biscuit and candies he sells to his classmates during recess and it's good income too.  When loomband was a hype (still is I think), he earned too by selling his items.  He doesn't have something in mind to save for (like maybe a toy, or a gadget) but I am so proud of him for being smart with his money. 

I just pray that he keep in his heart that money is earned and that he'll be only truly happy with wealth gained in good faith.