Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Celebrating Earth Day Everyday

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Earth Day - we were not able to turn off the lights... I guess I forgot to mention this to the gang, and if they knew, probably forgot it too.

But I think Earth Day is not only about power conservation.  There's a lot more we can do to help mother earth.
Sili (Chili)
We don't have much space in our yard to tend a garden but we managed a few plants.  Here are some of what we, especially mother tended.

Some are just beginning to grow.
Sili (Chili)
Kalabasa (Squash)
Others were able to grace our table already (veggies for food).
Talong (Eggplant)
Ginataang malunggay and ensaladang talong were my favorite so far.

Let us plant more.  Utilize the earth (in a good way).

Let us grow, give back, live... and celebrate.
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Saturday, April 18, 2015

Songs I Currently Listen To

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Over at Mama Kat, a new list of writing prompt has come out.   It's too long ago since my last link up with them but here I am again.

I chose number 5 item which is to list down my Top 10 songs I listened to currently.  I checked out my playlist and here they are.

Oh, they're mostly love songs... hmn, am I inlove?  Well, I guess this is another day's post.  Let see the list then.

1.)  Thinking Out Loud by Ed Sheeran - whenever I listen to this song, I feel alive.  It makes me sway to the beat.  More than that, it gives me hope of a love that is out of norms but strong enough to last long...

2.) All of Me by John Legend - here's a song that I dedicated to us - my boyfriend, RVN and I.  He's crazy and I'm out of his mind - suits us.  All of the song actually.

3.) Run To You by Lasse Lindh - it is an official sound track of a Korean TV Series adapted here in the Philippines.  Its smooth and relaxing beat made me wanna listen to it again and again.

4.) Say Something by A Great Big World and Christina Aguillera - never liked the lyrics and I never want this to happen to me in any situation.  As they say - communication is the key but I so love to listen to it.  There's power but mellow enough for my taste.

5.) Stay With Me by Sam Smith - I so love his voice and the video makes me wanna go to him and take care of him, love him... haha!

6.) In Love Ako Sayo by Darren Espanto - It is a tagalog song sang by one of The Voice Kid's finalist here in the Philippines.  I'm not really sure how they allow a kid to sing a love song but I like the acoustic feel of the song so...

7.) Ikaw by Yeng Constantino - another tagalog love song.  It is in the list because it is a love song.  Another beautiful love song.

9.) Let Her Go by Passenger - why, I so love the melody of this song.  It's not a boring love song, and the lyrics are true - miss her when you let her go.  Yeah!

9.) Sana'y Ako Na Lang by Six Part Invention - another tagalog love song.  It doesn't resonate to how I feel right now but I love it still.  The video is not the official one but I like how the author used bits of the Thai movie Crazy Little Thing Called Love - it was just so cute.

10.) Mahal Ko O Mahal Ako by KZ Tandingan - last but not the least, here's another love song wherein one has to choose who to love.  Is it someone she loves or someone who loves her?  It's frustating, I know I am (frustrated).

That's it then.
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