Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Belly Gud For Health Challenge

Amidst the busy-ness of work and post-New Year celebration, I was tagged along to join the project of Department of Health's (DOH) 'Belly Gud for Health' Challenge.

The goal is to trim down the waist.  We were advised on what to do and what not to do.  Of course, these all boil down to:
  • doing exercise
  • eating the right amount of food from every food group
  • not taking any slimming pills or the likes
  • no lipo surgeries too, LOL (only I said that, but true don't you think?)

We had blood chem and an individual menu plan were drawn based on the blood chem's reading.  I found out my sugar and cholesterol were a little over boundary, so watch out!

It has been four (4) months and my progress wasn't good - just okay (to give myself a little credit).  I didn't follow the instructions above so the development was 'painfully' slow.  But if these results go on... I'd reach my ideal weight in two (2) years instead of six (6) months.

I started last January with
102cm waistline and 73.5kg weight

Then today:
94cm waistline and 70.4kg weight

Oooops... and my ideal weight is 48kg!  Really, much work to do.

So I made table at google docs to monitor my development until I reach the ideal.  Goodluck to me!  (Hoping it won't take years).

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Monday, May 11, 2015

Siuton, Santa Magdalena Adventure On Mother's Day

One summer day, I talked to my son.

MR:  I'd really like to visit, you know, the world.  Then live in each place for at least a month.

XZ:  Hmn... (playing Minecraft in the laptop)

MR:  But before I'd be able to go and live in each place, I'm already old.  I may even be dead before I get through the list of the places I wanna visit.

XZ:  Hmn... (still playing Minecraft in the laptop)

MR: Okay.  Maybe I'll just try and start from here.  There are beautiful places in Santa Magdalena also.  Then, I'll work my way out.

XZ:  (Stopping from playing Minecraft) I know Mommy that you can't do those things because of me and of time, and of course money concerns... Don't worry Mommy, when I grow up, I'll make sure that you will be able to travel more.   Happy Mother's day!  (Then hugs me).

MR: Whew!  Love you son! Thank you.  You know, my travels are those travels with you.

Awww... mushy!

So, one place at a time...

Here's Siuton, San Eugenio, Santa Magdalena, Philippines.

One word - ROCKY

The place seemed lonely, out-worldly and dangerous.  But it has an amazing view, so we're sold!

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