Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Preserving Mount Mayon's Perfect Cone In Watercolor

source: asian pictures
Mount Mayon's the rage nowadays.  It has been weeks since Alert # 3 has been up.  The volcano is showing signs of erupting and we really need to be prepare.

I am currently in Legazpi City because of work.  Our house is 4 hours drive, mountains and plains away so I really need not worry.

But I worry about us here in the city.  Though life seems normal, it isn't. Everyday, while we act like nothing's gonna happen, we know that something's gonna happen.

source: epoch times
Mayon Volcano has history of erupting every about one hundred years.   This time, is about the time it is expected to go out.  Hints of lava crawl out of the crater.  Sulfur's blown out in great amount too. Smoke's filling the sky above us.

Instead of a chilly BER months, we're having a really hot weather with rainshowers late in the afternoon (probably because of too much heat the waters evaporate fast).

The volcano is known worldwide for its almost perfect shape.  Like a cone.  It has dents though caused by previous eruptions, even so, its stunt is still majestic.

I myself is awed by the Mayon.  It's like pyramid amidst the desert.  Only it is made of soil, rocks and other land minerals.  In stead of dessert, it reigns over plains.  Plus it is natural.  It is a wonder towering the city.  An art unto itself.

Only it is going to erupt.  

XZEL decided to draw the almost perfect cone.  To remember and preserve Mayon Volcano, his own way, through watercolors.

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