Wednesday, September 10, 2014

My Little Man Is Ten

September 9, 2014: My little man is ten.

He's nearly there, a few years shy from being a teenager.

Just thinkin' about the day he was given to me, a decade ago, gives me a chill. How could time fly so fast?  How could a little person be so tall, handsome, smart and lovable? How could he be ten when in my heart, he's still my baby?

I was happy and felt excited having prepared & cooked snacks/ meals for the party.  For serving his friends and classmates… who were a handful (Really).  For accommodating parents and neighbors.  For foods eaten.  For candies given.  For candles blow (ten of them).

I had a blast.

Always thankful for the year that was and looking forward for the years to come.

Thursday, September 4, 2014

District 4709: My Sweet Baby

Premature?  Yeah Yeah I know but nah, I'm too excited to keep this to myself.   


Here comes DISTRICT 4709.

It is a pet business that I'll take care and make grow.  My sweet baby.

4709 is our town's zip code - Santa Magdalena, and District 4709 will showcase products that are from our place: crafts, native foods and other products produced, manufactured and hailed from Santa Magdalena.  There's so much to be proud of.  There's so much to share to the world.
  • Burimade: Environment friendly craft-making inherited from our forefathers.  Buri weaves into beautiful, practical and colorful bags, boxes, holders, baskets and more.
  • Native Foods: There's pili nuts in different flavor/coating in pretty packaging.  Tablea (cocoa) is also a craze as pasalubong.
  • … and more.  Anything and everything that is from District 4709.
Above is a sample of Burimade, that bookend is actually a Tissue Holder.  Could come plain or with colors.  Just open the lid, put a roll of tissue inside and voila!  You have a pretty, eco-friendly, little tissue holder on your desk.  Or your runner.  Or in your bookshelf.  Or your night table.

One Sweet Tip:  Tie a ribbon, insert a card and it will make a good Christmas present.  How's that for unique gift?
District 4709 is on its very early phase thus paperworks are still in process.  Some procedures may not yet be in place, please bear with us.  If you wish to order however, please contact  Delivery varies depending on the availability of the product.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Just Sayin' Something About Family Album By Danielle Steel

Finished Danielle Steel's Family Album in two days. Again. I've read the book about seven (7) years ago, perhaps even before that. The thing is, the novel seemed like a new read to me.

Family Album is so beautiful it feels so real, yet not. I did not resonate to anyone in the family though I sometime think Ward Thayer's attitude about life was mine too. However, deep within me I know I have Faye's strength. Then there are the children, whose parts of life I share.

Good books usually make me part of the whole story. For every misfortune, accidents and misunderstanding... I feel with them. Ms. Steele creatively weaved each character to be with flaws but just perfect for each situation one is facing.

Fascinated by the story, I sometimes feel that situations nor characters and even the whole of it can't be real. But each sentence delivered, feelings expressed and emotions unleashed makes it all seem real. So lifelike that I breath it, want to live it.

photosource: Danielle Steel

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Home Is Where The Heart Is

It has been years, decades perhaps since I've really lived in our little barrio.  Most of us wanted out.  Most of us dream of a life beyond the rural setting of our place.

But we come back.  We come home.

Every two years, an alumni gathering is held right after the barangay fiesta.  This is for the graduates of Talaonga Elementary School.  I have attended twice.  This last and the one before.

Both times I enjoyed it.  I had fun.  Though I do not dance, and it may be too noisy for soft talk… it was an amazing experience.  Just seeing the same old faces, only grown, bring back memories.  It was more than the friendships of being classmates, but more so of the brotherhood shared beyond the gates of the school.  The journey and challenges shared outside the school's walls.

I get emotional just looking at them.  Just by talking to them.  It was like looking to the one I used to be.  Talking to the one I had been.  Only older.

We sought out our success our own way.  Looked for happiness on different paths.  Some in far away places, others right back at home.  Either way, I hope that with each step we take, each dream we chase, each struggle we overcame... brings us back home.

Back to where our heart is.

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Time To Take It All In

On my way home from Legazpi City, I chanced upon beautiful little violet and orange flowers up some trees in some hills.  I was not able to take a picture, and I didn't know the name of the flowers.

But these made me realize that I haven't really taken the time to savor country life.  To take it all in. To breathe it.  To live it.

When in a few days, urban setting's gonna be a norm again..

Campanilismo, a condition of being:  When you live within the sound of the campanile, church bell,  you belong to the place.

It is a line I've read from 'Every Day In Tuscany, Season of an Italian Life' by Frances Mayes, decades after 'Under The Tuscan Sun.'

Which tells me that I belong to a place.  Three years of living in a small town, we have learned to live by the church bell.  Well, at least at night.  At six o'clock, the church bell rings and it is followed by the prayer 'Angelus'.

In addition to the prayer, the church bell became a sign for our family.  It tells us to be home already.  To clean up and prepare for dinner.  Have siesta and then sleep.  The church bells tell us that we must be home with the family and must not go out unless very necessary.

I am home.

Yet I know I have to take the time to take it all in.  To feel the moist of early morning dew.  To wonder at the greens up at the mountain tops.  To smell the earth and the flower's scent.  The tang of sea air, the roughness of the sand, the texture of the rocks.

Yes.  I should take the time.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Counting Blessings At 31

I can no longer remember what happened when in most of my birthdays. Probably spent away from home. Or celebrated over pancit bihon or Lucky Me pancit canton. Doesn't matter. I always prayed that my birthday pass quickly or that it never come at all.

But time pass.

Here I am adding another year to my life, and I choose to count the blessings I received in the last year.

  • Xzel and I are both in good health. Mother too and the gang plus my nephew and nieces.
  • Our little side business is growing back again after the usual 1st and last quarter crisis here in Bicol.
  • My one and only (Xzel) took the top spot again in school bringing home medals, ribbons and certificates.
  • I got to experience becoming a SAHM and a WAHM.
  • My sisters completed another year of schooling & struggles amidst pile of projects and tuition fee hikes.
  • We welcomed another angel in the family, my second niece, Sabrina Angela E. Gajo - so delicate and beautiful.
  • Today, it has been finalized. I paid the deposit to the soon to open PIA Corp - Legazpi City branch. A very nice gift.

Fun. Love. Family. Joy. Happines.

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